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Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London

Dr. Kate Fynes

Research Fellow

As a Research Fellow on the London Project, I am responsible for identifying and devising methods to overcome barriers to transplant integration in the eye. Futhermore, immune suppression may also be a factor in transplant survival.  As such, I will be studying methods to stop transplant rejection.

Key achievements

Prior to joining the Institute I contributed to studies on the mechanisms of transplant rejection in the brain and the use of Schwann cells (derived from the peripheral nervous system) to guide axon regeneration in the brain.

At the Institute I developed the use of Schwann cells transplanted to the subretinal space to slow the loss of photoreceptors in some models of retinal dystrophy and examined the potential of various growth factors to support photoreceptor survival. I have also worked on a project identifying potential neural progenitor cells in the glial population of the adult human eye.

Key publications 

  • Anthony Vugler, Jean Lawrence, James Walsh, Amanda Carr, Carlos Gias, Ma’ayan Semo, Ahmad Ahmado, Lyndon da Cruz, Peter Andrews, Peter Coffey (2007). Embryonic stem cells and retinal repair. Mechanisms of Development 124, 807–829.

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  • Lund RD, Kwan ASL, Keegan DJ, Sauvé Y, Coffey PJ, Lawrence JM.  Cell transplantation as a treatment for retinal disease.  Prog. Ret. Eye Res. 2001; 20: 415-449.