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Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London

Dr. Shazeen Hasan

Research Fellow.

My main contribution to the project derives from my ability to perform functional imaging and electrophysiology of the brain.

I am also interested in understanding how retinal degeneration affects the processing of information in the visual cortex by using a variety of visual stimuli and measuring activity both across the surface of the cortex and through its different layers. I am also interested in using and developing new optical imaging techniques to diagnose retinal degeneration in the early stages.

Key achievements

Use of optical imaging to obtain a retinotopic map of primary visual cortex as a baseline study to be compared with an age related macular degeneration model.

Use of spectroscopic measurements in the brain to determine visual function recovery following cell transplantation in the retina.

Setting up the hardware and software for an optical imaging and electrophysiology laboratory at the Institute ofOphthalmology.

Key publications

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